#Socialmediavirus! That’s what’s wrong with America! If you look at the statistics, those States that have reopened, ARE STILL ALIVE, KICKING AND BRING BACK BUSINESS!!!

In 47 reopened states, hospitalization for COVID-19 either has been flat or has decreased, said Dr. Lee Gross, president of Docs 4 Patient Care, a health care advocacy group.

The few spikes in the cases of the virus has also come in these States from folks who have been LOCKED AWAY! One’s immune system needs the outside to stay healthy, not cloistered behind closed doors!

As these States finally realize this was the MOST overblown, exaggerated experience of our history! WHY DID WE CLOSE DOWN? WHY DIDN’T WE DO IT FOR ANY OTHER MAJOR PANDEMIC?

Those questions will be haunting a lot of people, me included! Being of sound mind, not prone to conspiracy theories, I do believe the virus was to a great extent, intentional and these protests with rent a mob, well financed thugs, are examples of extremes the Democrats will lower themselves to, while innocent Americans are being harmed once again by hysteria and the #soicalmediavirus!

What these murdering police did, was inexcusable and PEACEFUL protests are warranted! People need to show the cops, they need to do a better job at weeding out the bad, racist, power grabbing individuals!

These police ARE NOT emblematic of ALL police. To say so, is intellectually impoverished! To riot, hurt, steal, loot businesses all over is nothing more than a front to cause unrest and upheavel!