Good Morning Mr. Bezos,

As someone who has lived abroad in Europe for 13 years, including the Middle East, speak 4 languages, Jewish, I find it offensive that you single out Black Lives Matter when it should be;

Blacks Lives do matter, however the organization bearing it’s name does not.   (Courtesy of Alan Nathan)

It is a front for a Liberal Super Pac and it is disgusting how Amazon just automatically jumped on a racist band wagon!

If you had any common sense your company would have looked at BLM’s charter and looked at the racist rhetoric in fine print before standing with this organization!

Just ask famous Liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz, another Jew, who condemns their existence as it stands!

ALL LIVES Matter! Not just Black! Isn’t that right or are you just selective in who should matter and who should just get thrown out with the dirty bath water?

Shame on Amazon for buying into the hysteria and being another slogan follower instead of a knowledge seeker! If you were wanting to improve, you would have never put such a statement on your home page!

You offend me as a customer who spends thousands a year with your company and must now rethink giving you our business!

I am someone who is in the media and appalled at the lack of truth being discussed, printed or watched!

I will use our platform with tens of millions of people a month who listen on the radio, online, read our blogs and see just how they feel with your company, sports associations and others, being so political and SO scared of standing in the middle!

Your company is pandering to a political movement! ( I have no “Party”! I am from the Party of Fair Play! I am not a follower!)

If you want to support it personally, fine! But what you are doing is saying all of us at Amazon support BLM, your buying our items will help for donations and to hell with any other race!

Thanks Amazon for your lack of neutrality!

Jane Silk
National Commentator
Main Street Radio Network