We will be talking about the cities that have asked for money because of Covid-19, bought and paid for violent protesters, want us, the taxpayer, to fork over for the destruction that was left! Are they nuts or what? When you look at these cities, they are RUN BY THE LEFT!

Don’t go out of your house, but it’s OK to protest, destroy peoples livelihoods.

Also, why hasn’t anyone in the news media for the most part, covering the crime rates in NYC but especially Chicago!!! Has anyone looked at the death rate there this year? What about the fact when everyone was protesting regarding George Floyd, no one was paying attention to the 30 people killed that weekend in Chicago!!! Despicable!!! Another bastion of Democratic rules, and another lawless city going to hell in a handbasket!

Something is definitely wrong with this twisted, perverted picture! Courtesy of the Democrats!

We will also be discussing BREAKING NEWS…Obama and Biden LIED once again about setting Michael Flynn up to take a imaginary fall! Obama directed it and Biden came up with charging Flynn with the Logan Act!