The “Fear Quotient” (FQ) of most people these days is off the scale. It has been like that since oh…. March of this year.

That’s when we entered the Twilight Zone of the Chinese, Wuhan, COVID-19, Coronavirus with its multiple names. Since then, America has been upended and everyone has an opinion about why.

Contributing to the fear and not unrelated have been the riots, looting and burning of our cities by anarchists who appear to be immune from fear of the coronavirus but instead, are determined to instill as much fear as they can in us.

They appear to be the “muscle end” of the business of Leftists and Socialists who have been a lot more open about what they really believe.  They are determined to dismantle the country they’ve been taught to hate and replace our Liberty with their tyranny. By the time the realize that they are being used as political proxies to burn down their own house and they won’t fare well in the ashes, it’ll be too late.

Leftist politicians have continued to save their strictest edicts for law-abiding citizens and people of faith. In California it is now forbidden to sing or chant in church.  Who thinks that won’t crop up in other Leftist-controlled states around the country?  If only people of faith would chant hatred and death to America in their churches, they’d be perfectly allowed their “free expression.”


As I’ve railed at a disturbing number of people of faith who continue to knuckle under to the growing, discriminatory edicts against them, I’ve begun to ask what it is that they’re truly afraid of.  Is it government retaliation?  Are they afraid of being blamed if one of their congregants gets sick?  It could be that they’re afraid of death itself.

Professed Christians say they believe in ever-lasting life.  Observant Jews also believe in a hereafter and say that God is in control, that we should put our faith in Him.  So why do so many seem more afraid of Government than of God?

In the face of a virus that is non-lethal to more than 99.8% of our population, we still have masses of people who are “deathly” afraid of it.  They say their willingness to comply with increasingly strict edicts because it’s “contagious!”  So is the common cold but if you can’t die from it, why are they still so afraid?

Fear is not only a motivator, but a powerful suppressive agent. It stops people from acting, from stepping forward and from taking risks.  Above all, fear stops people from fighting back.

Is it any wonder why the propaganda media can’t stop fear-mongering about coronavirus despite facts that continue to contradict their narrative?  Those facts have been widely reported and available. Yet, as they have tightened restrictions on us, they are tightening restrictions on the free flow of information.

The media and Leftist propagandists have repeatedly proven that they hate good news. In the face of falling fatalities and revelations of inflated statistics, they are now willing to brazenly censor information from genuine physicians who have successfully treated COVID patients.  “A cure instead of a vaccine?  Oh no!  We can’t have that!  Never!”

“Why” is always a great question to ask, especially now.

I’ll be up front about what I have feared since March of this year:  I fear that this great country of ours will fall to communism.  I also fear that there are too few people who understand the death and destruction that accompanies this.

For those who do understand, it is essential that we face whatever are our deepest fears because those are the ones the cult of liberalism is preying upon to keep us frozen and submissive.  Then, we will have the power and strength to defy those who have an entirely different agenda than the one they have proclaimed to you and me. This is essential if we are to keep our country safe from the virus of tyranny.

No one can do it all but we can all be leaders in our own sphere of influence. There’s something else we can do. Sing, chant, & pray–loudly.