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I am reposting a blog from one of Main Street’s many friends, thanks Rich! A great submission!
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Well, the Big Apple is having problems with worms. Things are so bad that those who can, are leaving in droves. Like California, the moving trucks are lined up three deep as residents pack and flee to greener pastures.

But, Comrade Bill has the answer. Yes, he does. He announced that he will mandate a special ‘wealth tax’ on those rich people who remain. Now, if you want to keep those folks in your town, that does not seem smart. But, if your goal is to cripple and trash the city, then that is a great way to do it.

The small businessman has a few obstacles to making a profit. Did you know that they have to ‘guarantee’ wages and hours, even for seasonal business? To get a license to have a hot dog cart, the wait line is 20 months long. Places that employ fewer than five people must provide rest areas, and ‘lactation rooms’ for new mothers. The people doing this have never run an actual business. I know, I have run such a business, and even fixing a broken sink is a big deal.

Joe Biden

As he popped up like a prairie dog to do his reading of a speech, he still got it wrong, and lost his train of thought part way through it. Hard to imagine him facing actual problems and situations, isn’t it? Of course, no questions allowed – you just never know what Joe might say or do, so don’t take the risk. His poll numbers have crashed – no more lead, even in the Lamestream Media.

Meanwhile, there is a parade of democrat leaders calling for open violence in the streets.


The city continues to burn, and the mayor and governor ignore it. Well, sort of. The rioters are now ‘peacefully protesting’ outside of the mayors condo, and occasionally trying to burn it and him and the other residents to the ground. Can you hear Mr. Roberts saying “Hi, would you like to be my neighbor?”

Since they have rejected Trump’s many offers to send in the feds, and fix this mess, and with yet another declared riot, governor Kate Brown must actually DO something. So, he announced that she would call in sheriff’s deputies from around the state, and supplement the locals with that force. Problem: the sheriff’s all said NO. Since the city will not prosecute, or even lock up protesters, they will not risk their people. First, the mayor must change policy, so that law enforcement can do their job. Otherwise, you are on your own.

Mathew Banta

This is your classic pimple faced, snot nosed kid, living in the parents basement, who dreams of being a great hero – maybe Arnold. Having no job, and no skills, and no social life, he joined Antifa, and became “Commander Red”. In this exciting persona, he attended riots, and got arrested for pointing a rifle at police. Yes, it was loaded, with a round chambered. He posted $2500 bond to get out, with a slap and restrictions, which he ignored. This riot stuff was so much fun, he thought he would go to Green Bay, and do it again. Only, he got caught in a traffic stop, and police found flamethrowers, smoke grenades, fireworks and more ‘peaceful’ stuff in his car. When they pulled him out, he fell to the ground in a fetal position, and cried like the baby he is. He deserves a good spanking.

Nancy Pelosi

In her district, by her command, most all business is closed down to defeat the virus. But, just like the governors of NY, and Michigan, and all the other oppressive democrat areas, rules do not apply to her. She got caught on security camera video having a private treatment at a hair salon, where the public will be jailed if caught. When the bootlegged video hit the social media circuit, the owner of the salon, as well as Nancy, went ballistic.


This is one of the few cities that accepted Trump;s offer to send in federal help to control the riots and destruction. So, in hours, the riots were stopped, the violence and destruction halted, and safety restored.

Today Trump made a personal visit to that democrat city. In a twist of fate, he was not greeted by angry mobs yelling racist slogans and throwing things. Instead, he faced a fifteen mile long crowd of people waving flags – both American and Trump ones – cheering his arrival. Hope Joe can find a drug store, and lots and lots of Tums. This is as clear a marker as we have seen for how the election will go.

And, at least Fox News broadcast the story of how democrats do fraud on mail in ballots. I am sure you will not see that on CNN or MSNBC.

Trump did some interesting things, as he toured the city of Kenosha. He set up funding for the police (since the state is not too happy to do that), and also arranged for many business owners who had their livelihoods burned down to receive money to rebuild. No democrat has done anything to help the real victims of this violence. Remember that at election time.