Clearly he had a few balls thrown at his head! You can hear the marbles rattling when he talks!

Stick to what you know best. Your claims of 93% peaceful protest falls on deaf ears! Portland? Seattle? New York? Minneapolis? DC? To name a few, have not and are not peaceful! Those so called peaceful protesters have killed, looted, destroyed people’s homes, livelihoods, neighborhoods and we are to believe that it is a vast right wing conspiracy posing as BLM and Antifa agitators? BAHAHAHAAA

And by the way, for the record, those cities are run by Democrats, along with others around the country who have seen this sort of BS come to their cities! The most American cities that are failing, broke, riot weary, crime ridden, are run by Democrats! Fact!
The next time you go off on a nonfactual diatribe, at least have a grain of truth we can grab onto!

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