Karen Kataline

Colorado Governor among Democrats who refuse to give up control

“It’s just common sense.” That’s what Colorado Governor Jared Polis said when he was asked recently if his mask mandates would continue. His statewide mandate has been in place seven months and he recently extended it another 30 days.

“It’s just common sense and it’s smart.” Polis said. “It shouldn’t be controversial.”

It requires a mind-boggling degree of hubris to use the power and force of government to mandate that almost six million people wear a rag on their face, but the Governor doesn’t even think it’s worth discussing. He decides what’s “smart” and what goes. Not coincidentally, so do most Democrat Governors like Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, Pritzker, Inslee, and Northam.

Those who agree with Polis point to the seriousness of the virus as the reason for such governmental power but entering into that argument too quickly misses an important initial point:

Why is Governor Polis trying so hard to convince us of something he has already taken away our right to refuse? The answer is that it maintains the illusion that you still have a choice.

In the Leftist lexicon, you are entitled to choice and control over your body only when it comes to having an abortion. Their vociferous arguments for freedom never apply to any other part of our bodies, or anything else.

They’ll go to the mattresses to end an innocent life and call it a “choice” and even “health care” but they are perfectly comfortable with government health care which systematically robs people of every other health care choice in their lives. It is conservatives who are “pro-choice” in most other areas of life–except maybe drugs and criminality.

*Evidence is mounting against masks and lock downs but even if that were not the case, bureaucrats and politicians should have to meet or exceed an exceptionally high bar to rob citizens of their Liberties for reasons of public health.

No wonder Democrats have spoken with one voice about the deadliness of the coronavirus despite new and changing facts. They are blatant and obvious in their desperation to keep the fear and the hysteria going.

Could that be one reason why they were so furious that Donald Trump recovered from the virus so quickly? Another reason “unmmasked” the myth of liberal “compassion” on social media. They were hoping President Trump would die.

The Left is uniformly obsessed with mask-wearing because it conditions the public to believe that the government can mandate anything as long as it is under the guise of “public health.”

Will Democrats ever give up control over your face or your life? Will they keep up the facade and their love affair with mask mandates even when Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and Fauci are caught with their masks down?

Is it the right of any politician to dictate what is “common sense?” Masks are doing a magnificent job of conditioning people into believing that it is.

Most people think that it is common sense for drug addicts to get off drugs. As a group, most Democrats don’t believe that because they are eager to create more and more “safe injection sites” reminiscent of the opium dens in China and elsewhere in the 19th Century. But let’s say they did. Should the government be able to force people to get off drugs? I suspect they would start screaming immediately about personal freedom.

I should eat fewer carbs and go to the gym more often. Should Jared Polis or any other politician force me to do that? (Please see my book, FATLASH for my personal story of how well that worked.)

It’s not only common sense but it’s the job of government officials to prevent people from rioting, looting, tearing down historical monuments and burning down cities, but so far Democrat governors don’t think so. Their cities and towns are the ones most wrecked and defaced in the country. This puts their lack of credibility in neon lights when they proclaim for the rest of us what is and is not common sense.

As a rule, it’s always the most corrupt and immoral people among us who seek to take Liberty from others while calling it “compassion.” Ideological conservatives are never given credit for the unselfishness that is required to restrain government power and excess.

It’s time for conservatives to start taking that credit and explain without apology why such constraints are necessary to preserve every individual’s God-given Liberties.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. …those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

— C.S. Lewis