So Chris Hayes, of the taking up airtime network, MSNBC anchor, where hosts go to vent, loose credibility along with the misinformed, myopic, moronic, malcontents, thinks that over 100,000 people have died in the last week or so since debating and confirming SCOTUS Amy Barrett.

There must be something sinister in the water over at MSNBC. If it wasn’t so sad it would be hysterical!!!

This is fearmongering taken to new masturbated heights! Sorry, [not really] but these so-called journalists, who probably got their props at Kentucky Fried Chicken, speak through their entrails.

They never produce facts, just baseless arguments with no substance or anything that smacks of facts.

Mr. Hayes thought it necessary to opine but mostly whine, as his progressives haven’t won the Senate in a long time and he believes we shouldn’t nominate or confirm a judge so close to the election. Why not? Don’t need the Congress and this has been done before, just not by the hated Donald Trump who trounced Hillary!

Mr. Hayes said yesterday:

“Something else that Mitch McConnell and the institutional Republican Party and all the staffers and the lawyers and the factotums and the functionaries and the people sitting in the White House watching this right now, perhaps people on the Capitol Hill who have TV on right now, and the right-wing who have been supporting and spinning for this president, and the people who work for Donald Trump himself and all of his apologists who like to post as independent thinkers, too clever by half, removed from it all, something that every last one of them have done together, other than Supreme Court justices which cannot be reversed, and that is they have participated in a project that has led to the deaths of probably 100,000 Americans who didn’t have to die. Congratulations. You got that done, too. That also can’t be reversed. They can’t come back. We can’t undo that. That’s the other accomplishment here, Judge Barrett. They traded one for the other. They traded those lives for this justice.”

The Democrats for the last 10 years, have practiced a new form of hypocrisy that has never been seen in our political history!

Their losing an election, lying, cheating fabrications, actions, have caused pain, rioting, innocents losing their livelihoods, because they feel the President should be someone of their choosing!

The Democrats need what happened in England with their last election, to happen here. The Liberals were defeated SO BAD, they hadn’t had such low numbers in government since Maggie Thatcher in 1987!

Maybe then, they can reflect, regroup and realize, manipulation, is not the most prudent of plans to try and get the American people to vote for your Party!

Neither is taxing everyone into submission, giving away the Treasury and allowing our borders to remain open to anyone, while our country is taken down a dark, bankrupt road.

There is nothing FREE in this world except our right, liberty in America, to live as we choose and protect our person, family and property!