The media has been shielding all the unsavory, illegal activity of Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Some of the revelations are sickening, sad and need to be investigated further with the possibility of arresting Hunter and possibly even Joe Biden as well!

Here is some more information the mainstream media jackasses don’t want you to know!


From the American Liberty Report:

“The Big Guy” Joe Biden Started Covering His Tracks in November 2016

It’s tough to envision Joe Biden as some sort of criminal mastermind today. He got confused during an interview this past week and thought he was running against George W. Bush. He’s a doddering old fool that needs help opening up a Jell-O Pudding cup on his best days. But just a few years ago, “The Big Guy” was running a global influence peddling ring and selling out American foreign policy to the highest foreign bidders – while lining his own pockets. This isn’t speculation or “Russian disinformation.” Audio of The Big Guy himself has now been uncovered on Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell.”

When Donald Trump won the 2016 election, it sent shockwaves through the corrupt elites who had been lining their pockets for years. Joe Biden still had most of his faculties back then, so he was one of those who was especially shocked. So shocked, in fact, that he placed a personal phone call to the former corrupt president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, just two weeks after Donald Trump’s victory. Keep in mind that Biden was still the Vice President of the United States at the time.
How do we know about this phone call? Because the audio from Biden’s call to Poroshenko was on Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell. Hunter’s laptop had tons of emails, text messages and audio from phone calls from the entire Biden family on it for some reason. My suspicion is that the Chinese put some sophisticated software on Hunter’s laptop to suck up all the Biden crime family’s communications, after they trapped him in a honeypot scheme with that Chinese prostitute who “put her best foot forward.”

One America News, which has had a copy of Hunter’s hard drive for the past two weeks, discovered the phone call and released it. Here’s what Joe Biden said to President Poroshenko just two weeks after Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory:
“This is getting very, very close to what I don’t want to have happen. I don’t want Trump to get in a position where he thinks he’s about to buy on to a policy where the financial system is going to collapse and he’s going to be looking to pour more money into Ukraine. That’s how he’ll think about it before he gets sophisticated enough to know the detail.”

Translation: “The Big Guy” Joe Biden was ordering the president of a foreign country to get his financial ducks in a row as quickly as possible. Biden was telling Poroshenko to get everything lined up with the IMF and finalize getting a central banking system installed in Ukraine. (Ukraine was a financial mess after George Soros and the CIA under Obama staged the coup there that installed Poroshenko in the first place.)

If Poroshenko could get his nation’s financial house in order, Ukraine would be able to presumably take out loans from the IMF, rather than asking the US government under the Trump administration for foreign aid. The last thing Joe Biden wanted was for the Donald Trump administration to start asking questions in Ukraine. It would be better for the Biden family if Ukraine got its central banking system up and running to prevent Trump from ever asking those pesky questions. Joe Biden was covering his tracks while he still had power to do so.
But then Poroshenko lost his election. The new president of Ukraine did ask the Trump administration for foreign aid. And in July of 2019, Donald Trump asked that president questions about rumors of corruption involving the Biden family in Ukraine.

The Democrats never tried to impeach Donald Trump over “Russian collusion.” Even Nancy Pelosi was saying, as recently as July of 2019, that impeaching Trump would be a bad idea. But the moment that Trump asked about the Bidens’ activities in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s allies hit the panic button.

Remember: Hunter Biden’s sometime-business-partner in Ukraine was the son of John Kerry. Mitt Romney’s former top campaign aide sat on the board of Burisma in Ukraine with Hunter Biden (Romney was the one Republican Senator who voted to impeach Donald Trump). Nancy Pelosi’s son was on the board of a California-based energy company that he founded with two Russian nationals, and that company had some murky ties to Ukraine as well.

The fake CIA impeachment “whistleblower,” whose name must never be mentioned, was an honored guest at a ritzy state dinner that Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry held in 2016. Did the Biden family, the Kerry family, the Pelosi family or the Romney family call in a favor from that guy to “whistle-blow” on Trump when the big panic started? That would be an interesting question to know the answer to.

What we do know is that Joe Biden worked to cover his tracks in Ukraine, from the moment when Donald Trump was first elected. When Trump asked a question about the Bidens in Ukraine three years later, he was impeached for it.

Sure, Joe Biden looks like a doddering buffoon with dementia today – because that is what he is. But just a few years ago, he was “The Big Guy” in charge of one of the largest pay-to-play schemes in modern history. And everyone should know that before they cast their vote in the election.