SUBJECTS: On this Veteran’s Day, America stands at a crossroads. Will we continue to stand for our beloved Constitution and individual liberty and responsibility or will we fall to socialism, communism and authoritarianism. That’s the choice we’re in the midst of right now. //How come so many are behaving as if this is just another election? One which has yet to be decided, by the way. //Credible and massive reports of election fraud continue to be brought to light while the side that benefited from it denies it all and demands that everyone else “suck it up.” Will they? //What are the legal ramifications if the case goes to Congress? We’ve never been here before. That beloved Constitution is about to be tested. Hold on to your pantyhose. Karen Kataline @KarenKataline will be guest-hosting. Alan will be back tomorrow, but today he and his wife are grieving over the unexpected death of a second pet- a Maltese angel of a puppy, Bella. Listen Live: