Have you seen this? Look, as I have said time and time again, one doesn’t have to like Trump or any candidate on any side, the problem here is a FREE, SECURE, ELECTION!

We have always abided by elections, in my time, that is. We might have disliked who was chosen, but we knew there is always an election every 4 years for our President and additionally every 2 years for Congress as well.

That is our chance to show in our States and on the Federal side, just how we feel and by our voting in or out, pretty much tells the picture.

Our votes are OURS, not something to let be stolen or abused by a third party!

If we allow foreign entities to own software in computers manufactured in Spain with servers in Germany added in components from China, then people, we have a major problem!

America has interfered in other elections outside this country and now, these same bad actors have turned the capabilities on us!