Silk Summary – Electric Car Fire

Sure, another New Green Deal stratedgy! Let’s ALL have electric cars within 8 years. Where do they come up with these ideas!

What these rabid Progressives don’t tell you, it takes LOTS of fossil fuels to make these cars and that my friends, is worse than what we have now!

If these SAME individuals, groups, told you that jumping off the cliff would help society, so they would have fewer mouths to feed, thereby redistributing the wealth, to only those who truly need it, all the while acknowledging they have to get rid of some, cuz their ain’t enough to go around, WOULD YOU JUMP?

Thanks to the Captain for sending this to us!

“Note the time it took to destroy 3 cars , 1.15 minutes. The first car was destroyed in about 38 seconds.

Want to park & charge one beside one or have one in your garage at night while you sleep? I wonder if buyers know how quickly they can go up. If you were driving when this short happened, could you get your family out in time?”

The fire cannot be extinguished with water. No fire department will approach a burning battery powered car because of the toxic gasses produced during the fire. No recycling place will take the remains because of the toxic chemicals the batteries contain