Karen Kataline

The Deep State is about to preen about the treasured American principle of due process–that when there is a charge of wrong-doing facts and evidence should be presented and adjudicated in a court of law.

They are about to hold an impeachment trial for a President that is no longer in office. There is credible evidence that they cheated to get their guy in and Trump out but the facts and evidence have never been fully presented and adjudicated in a court of law.

Due process and a fair hearing was brazenly rejected when Americans believed their rights and their votes were stolen, by whom? The very same Deep State that refused to hear the evidence. Talk about a conflict of interest.

The players will put on a dog and pony show and build a case against Donald Trump for inciting violence based on a speech he gave for all of America to hear. He did no such thing. Those who heard the speech know it. They know it.

The usual suspects, including the now fully exposed Mitch McConnell, will ignore evidence that Leftist rioters who hate Trump helped incite and create a false flag event to provide the flimsy excuse to keep trying to destroy Donald Trump. Even as they sit in control of the federal government, and probably because the sit in control of the federal government they can conduct this kangaroo court.

Who thinks the preposterous allegations against Trump will be adjudicated fairly by the same perennial bunch? Who thinks Trump will be “acquitted.”

There once was a great America.