Thanks Captain N and Rich for this!

This term refers to a kind of government we sometimes call ‘crony capitalism’. Public officials and big business collude to get and hold power, and wealth, at the expense of everyone else. It is a step along the way to total communism, when even big business submits to the government.

Washington DC

Did you see that they are building a steel and concrete fence all around the capitol building, and other offices? That, along with the thousands of troops stationed there tells us what? For one thing, it tells us that the left is very, very afraid that the public will rise up and throw them out. They must move fast, to secure and consolidate their positions, before everyone else can react.

Biden, who believes in democracy and consensus, is now up to 40 Executive Orders, fundamentally changing the structure of America. Just as he and Obama promised, all those years ago.

Pelosi and others are beating the drum to declare all republicans as ‘white supremacists’, and ‘terrorists, like unto ISIS’, and so forth. Comrade AOC is a leader among those shrill voices. Pelosi has said for years that ‘republicans are the greatest threat to OUR democracy’. That is true. Republicans are a threat to what Nancy calls democracy – which is in fact, oligarchy. But, we must have an external threat, an enemy, real or imagined, to allow us to enforce our edicts.

Election Fraud

The media still denies this ever happened. A judge in Virginia decreed that all those late ballots were invalid, and therefore illegal. Wonder if that will affect the results. There are many other such cases pending, perhaps more will also declare late ballots, and some of the other really extreme things as illegal. This is a serious threat to democrats, everywhere.


The Teachers Union likes getting paid for staying home, or going on vacation, or whatever else they are doing. One spokesperson said that forcing them back into the classroom (which, as I recall, is their job) would ‘allow white people to kill blacks’. So, doing their job makes everyone else ‘racist’, of course.


Their DA, George Gascon, who was elected using several million dollars from George Soros, has been working to ‘reform’ the law there. Translated from democrat speak, that means making crimes okay, and crooks let loose. His latest one is an admitted child pornographer, waiting trial, was given a very short sentence, minus the time already served. He will be loose in 3-4 months. The parents of the abused children are not happy, but the social justice warriors are ecstatic.


The fallout is still raining down upon us. Google deleted 100,000 negative comments on that site, in an effort to protect the hedge fund managers. Honor among thieves, I guess.

Facebook, for its part, deleted a Christian scholar who objected to transgender people serving in the military. I am sure that is because Facebook is concerned for the safety and security of the nation, not ‘social justice’.

Coleen Oefeleken, who worked in a literary job, was fired for just having an account with Parler, and Gab. No posts, nothing derogatory, she just had the accounts, and was therefore a right wing terrorist, not a proper left wing journalist.

Roman Triumph

After a general had won a great victory, and was parading through Rome, there was always a slave on the chariot behind him, who continually whispered into the ear of the general “Power is Fleeting”. Just a hint not to let this moment go to his head, and to retain a measure of humility. Perhaps DC needs such a reminder.

Spanish Flu

Just 100 years ago, there was a worldwide pandemic of this flu, which killed something like 50 million people. No nation wanted to claim this as coming from them. The Spanish, who had relaxed censorship rules after the war, reported on the flu, and everyone was very happy to blame it on them. But, new research into this tells another story. Seems this flu was similar to several others – all of which came from China. In spite of WHO claiming that they just cannot tell where the flu came from (as they cash their checks from China), it appears that biowarfare is a specialty of China, and has been for a long, long time. Sleep well, boys and girls, Biden is on their payroll, and will look after your safety, trust him, he says so.