Silk Summary:

Thanks Captain N for this spot on ‘Bunker Report’! As usual IT IS A MUST READ!!!



1. STEPHEN MILLER @ The Geller Report wrote: “Nobody believes China, except the World Health Organization and the Democrat media complex.”

2. PRICELESS: World Net Daily showed a video of a mask shamer at a meeting of school trustees arguing for mandatory mask wearing. The witness could barely speak, was short of breath, and nearly passed out. Well, this is what happens when you breathe in carbon dioxide.

3. GO WOKE, GO BROKE: Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian caved to the radical left’s threat of a boycott and denounced Georgia’s new law that makes it more difficult for Democrats to use fictitious and deceased voters to cheat and steal elections. He said that because the law requires photo I.D. for mail-in voting, it prevents black and brown people from voting. This is the kind of blatant racism you would expect from a Klan member! Black and brown citizens are intelligent enough to get a photo I.D. The CEO says that the voting integrity law “doesn’t match Delta’s values.” Does voter fraud match Delta’s values? By the way, Delta requires photo I.D. to board their planes. Is it racist for Delta to demand an I.D.?

This just in: In retaliation against Delta’s CEO, the Georgia House just voted to tax jet fuel. Going woke comes with a high price! Delta’s shareholders will not appreciate this, since they will be the ones financially suffering for Bastian’s cowardice.

4. NEW YORK STATE is broke. Hundreds of thousands are out of work; businesses are closed for good; and crime is rampant. So what does the NY legislature do? They want to give $15,600 to every “undocumented immigrant” [illegal alien] who lost work during the pandemic. What about the American citizen who was out of work, the sucker who is paying for part of this $2.1 million boondoggle? FUHGGEDDABBOUDDITT!!!

5. MERRY OLD ENGLAND isn’t so merry these days. A London man was stabbed to death at a vigil for another stabbing victim. Thank God the U.K. has confiscated all the guns!

6. TAKI MAG’S Taki Theodorocopoulos, opining on the cancel culture in America: “With American life declining as I write, it’s not enough that poor young Americans are hardly literate at 18, they are now expected to uphold woke standards on their way to becoming total simpletons. So here we have it, everyone’s canceled except those who adhere to woke rules invented by half-wits, know-nothings, and morons.”

If you like politically incorrect authors, Taki Mag is for you. Taki is one of the richest men in the world and does not care whom he insults.

7. BREITBART: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that Dr. Fauci should visit the border, and if he’s “not compelled to shut down this illegal immigration program, I don’t want to hear anything you’ve got to say about baseball or restaurants.” The Senator is correct! Fauci demands that American citizens alter their life styles and suffer hardship, while he says nothing about Democrat-sanctioned, COVID-infected illegal aliens swarming across the southern border and spreading the disease throughout the United States.

8. As President ** packs children into “pods” [cages] at 1,700% capacity, he has the chutzpah to criticize the Texas Rangers for not limiting the amount of fans to attend their games. Pres.** has turned these detention camps into breeding grounds for the Corona virus.

9. JOHN WAYNE: “Life is tough, but it’s a whole lot tougher if you’re stupid.”

10. NOAH’S LARK: In D.C., a Nation of Islam follower, Noah Green, drove his car into two Capitol Police Officers for sport, killing one and injuring the other. His Farrakhan-loving Facebook page was scrubbed faster than Rodham’s e-mails! The lamestream media gave the story a good leaving alone. Had the killer been named Sean O’Brien or Vinny Marino, the media would have run it ad nauseum as an expose’ of white supremacy or toxic masculinity. Contrast this ignored killing to the media hysteria over some broken windows at the Capitol on January 6th.

11. PJ MEDIA exposed the rot and corruption of a California Teachers union. In San Diego, parents are suing to get their children back in school for in person education. However, the teachers union says that in person instruction would be too dangerous due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s the big lie: The same teachers’ union members who whined that it’s too dangerous to teach American kids in person, are now providing in person education to the illegal aliens that President ** allowed into the country. The San Diego Office of Education says they have a “moral obligation” to educate the illegals. What about the taxpaying American suckers who are paying for their kids to be educated, but are not getting it? They’re the first ones taxed, and the last ones to benefit!

12. EMPIRE REPORT: Despite Gov. Il Douche’s extreme lock-down, NY had a 27.1% increase in Corona virus deaths over the prior week. Meanwhile, Texas and Florida have opened their states and their Wu Flu deaths have decreased. So, who’s the schmuck here? It’s past time to open your state up, Mr. Cuomo! Go full bore Republican, and start treating Noo Yawkers like citizens, not subjects!

13. PLAY BALL- LESS!: MLB folded like a cheap tent and moved the All Star Game out of Georgia due to their common sense voter integrity law to prevent Democratic cheating. It is so hypocritical because you need photo I.D. to pick up your All Star game tickets at a Will Call booth! Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), responding to MLB’s attempt to support of voter fraud to undermine Georgia’s election integrity, said he wants to remove MLB’s federal anti-trust exemption. With Democrats controlling the House and Senate, it has no chance of passing, but it is firing a shot across MLB’s bow, hopefully, a preview of what is coming in 2022.

14. The Biden administration continues to give illegals a wink and a nod, enticing them to come to America. I read that drug cartels use human traffickers called coyotes who are charging $7,000 per child to bring kids across our southern border. At the rate of 1,000 illegals per week, drug cartels are making $7 million per week off of this human smuggling trade. Why is President ** making these criminals super rich?

15. MR. & MRS. AMERICA, think about the sick cancel culture that is destroying the country when deciding on what airline to fly. Will you send a message to MLB by not watching their games on TV or going to the ball park? Let the woke corporations like Coca-Cola and Delta know that by boycotting Georgia they are supporting voter fraud and election theft. Don’t forget how you felt in November after your candidate “won” the election, only to have it stolen from him by Democrat cheating and fraud. It’s time for us deplorables to exact our revenge!

16. ELECTION FRAUD, PART 1 – Honest, religious Americans were ridiculed by Obama for ‘clinging to their guns and bibles.’ He called them “bitter clingers.” Well, the clingers are angry because they had the last election stolen right out from under them. Courts refused to hear evidence of the blatant fraud; our FBI and DOJ willfully failed to investigate the obvious crimes, and spineless RINOS abandoned Donald Trump. So, how did the Democrats engineer this election theft? I will try to explain a few of the ways in the upcoming issues. Here is one:

Democrats send out people to register voters. They are paid for each new voter they sign up. Many times the new “voter” is just made up, a fictitious person who never actually existed. Let’s say the collector filled out a voter registration for Ignatz Kowalski, of 123 Main Street. But there is no Ignatz Kowalski. Well, under the mail-in voter system, Ignatz will get a ballot in the mail, sent to the address of a Democratic operative. The ballot will be marked for the Democrat candidates and mailed back. This fraud will be repeated hundreds and thousands of times. This is one of the things the new Georgia law will prevent. Democrats are furious because this method of cheating has been stopped. The response of Democrats and their media allies is to play the race card!

17. MAKE AMERICA LAST AGAIN is the Biden plan for our country. President **’s proposal is to increase corporate taxes to more than other countries. Because we are in a global economy, this would financially harm American corporations and advance their competitors. Who would do such a harmful thing? Why, Democrats, of course! Higher corporate taxes means fewer Americans hired. That’s the Democratic way: keeping people down, thus forcing them to live on welfare and government handouts, so they become Democrats for life.





19. MR. & MRS. AMERICA: When Democrats open our borders to disease-carrying aliens before they open our schools, you know you’ve been played for a sucker.

20. Has there ever been a dumber person in Congress than Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? She recently commented that the knife wielding attacker who killed a U.S. Capitol police officer with his car was due to lack of gun control. Her reason was that the man could have caused more deaths if he had an AR-15. Yes, and if he flew a Boeing 757 into the Capitol, it would have been much worse. There’s no cure for stupid.

21. SICKENING SCHMUCK SCHUMER calls the Georgia Voting Integrity Law “racist”, because it requires photo I.D. for mail-in voting. Well, Shoomah, it’s racist on your part to believe that black citizens are too stupid to obtain identification. You’re just angry because Republicans took away one of your methods of voter fraud and cheating.

22. President ** must think Americans are brain-dead. He said that massive tax increases are good for the economy.
They’re only good for his parasitic constituents who leech off the government. Maybe he should heed the words of Winston Churchill: “Taxing yourself to prosperity is like standing in a bucket, trying to lift yourself up by the handle.”

23. THEODORE DALRYMPLE @ Taki Mag: “Political correctness is a way to maintain control. By forcing people to accept and reject the most ridiculous things, the people in charge break the will of the people. By accepting the lie, they can no longer live the truth. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.” Think of the transgender nonsense being rammed down Americans’ throats.

24. TOM LIFSON @ American Thinker: “I am deeply offended that big corporations are trying to bully Georgia into repealing a perfectly reasonable voting integrity law. President Biden lied about the law so egregiously that even the Bezos propaganda outlet, The Washington Post, awarded him 4 Pinocchios. But that didn’t stop some of America’s most prominent corporations from trying to bully Georgia into repealing the law, one which protects legitimate votes from being cancelled out by fraudulent ones.”

Mr. Lifson quotes Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, and advises using this tactic against one target, Coca-Cola: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Other brands owned by Coke are: Dasani Water, Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid, Honest Tea, Barq’s Root Beer, and Vitamin Water. Let them know there is a price to be paid for lying on behalf of voter fraud.

25. MLB announced they are moving the All Star game to the Colorado Rockies Stadium, where they require I.D. to buy beer. By the way, Colorado requires voter I.D. This is what happens to woke corporations whose cowardly CEO’s don’t bother to read a law they are criticizing.

26. WESTERN JOURNAL, on the voters’ remorse over voting for Joe Biden: “I hear about a security state that requires photo identification everywhere except the polls, a gun-grabbing leadership that always seems surrounded by people with guns, and teachers unions more interested in defunding the police than teaching our kids….. and an ‘environmental czar’, who continues to use a private jet while ensuring we only ‘have nine years left’ before we are lost.”

27. GEORGIA, a state that just elected two far left Democrat U.S. Senators, just lost the MLB All Star Game venue. Georgia also lost the $100 million they would have brought in from the game. “The friend of the working man; the party of the little guy” strikes again! The national Democratic party is a political cancer that is destroying the country.

28. The Democrat-media complex is going all out to destroy Florida Governor Ron De Santis. They see this man as the leading Republican candidate for president, if Donald Trump does not run, and they lust to take him down. But, De Santis, like Trump, is a Republican who fights back. We will continue to see more journalistic malpractice, and more false hit pieces on this great Governor as the months go by. The enemy is desperate.

29. STEVE KRUISER @ PJ Media unloads on Dr. Fauci: “The nation’s chief panic-porn sourpuss has turned his fifteen minutes of fame into fourteen months of tyrannical infamy and it doesn’t look like he wants to let up anytime soon.” Fauci is a fraud, a useful idiot for power hungry Democrats who want to keep us in a perpetual lockdown! He has ruined America with his personal opinions [mostly wrong] that are not based on science.

30. Consider the hypocritical MLB commissioner who engages in massive financial deals with Communist China, a brutal dictatorship. The Chinese Communists continue to persecute Christians for their faith. Muslims are imprisoned and used for slave labor, yet the MLB commissioner continues his financial dealings with this communist government. Yet P.C. Commissioner Manfred decides to punish Georgia for its new law that would prevent voter fraud?

31. President ** is hell-bent on taking our guns away and making Americans defenseless against the Democrats’ oppressive form of government. They are resorting to lies, as usual. President ** wiped the dust off an old lie with his claim that sales of guns at gun shows are done without background checks. This “gun show loophole” lie is told to misinform unwary Americans. If you purchase a handgun from a licensed firearms dealer at a gun show, you must have the standard background check done, the same as if you bought the gun in a store. Democrats love a dumbed-down, uninformed electorate.

32. NEWSMAX: The Biden administration is spending $60 million of taxpaying Americans’ money, per week, to house 16,000 illegal aliens at the border. Let that sink in. This is money taken from legal American CITIZEN’S paychecks and bank accounts and spent on foreigners who who should not even be here. These illegals are here because Democrats are violating their sworn duty to enforce the country’s immigration laws and protect our country’s borders. In the words of Mad Maxine Waters: “Peach Forty-six!”

April 10, 2021