Remember when Leftists tried to force Jack Phillips to bake a custom wedding cake that was against his personal beliefs?  They claimed this was a violation of “equal access” to public accommodation.

In reality, it was a violation of Phillips’ right to personal, creative expression and to run his small private business as he chose. He never denied the gay couple access to public accommodation.

Where were those trendy little pampered pooches in Hollywood on the self-expression question?  They were deaf, dumb and probably blind.

The Phillips case should have been our first clue that the Left was preparing to deny the rights of their political opponents to public accommodation–and not to a custom wedding cake, but to shop for supplies and groceries.

Under the guise of “public health” bureaucrats who weren’t elected to anything, this was the first shot across the bow to our Liberty. The Left succeeded easily at discriminating against whomever they wanted.  That is, anyone who defies their growing abuse of our Bill of Rights.

You have to be truly shameless to be so brazenly contradictory. They are.  They also invite their bandwagon to willfully ignore the difference between personal self-expression and public accommodation but only when it suits them.   (See YouTube video below)

Now, the Left are suddenly champions of private business!  They even applaud discrimination when they are using them as their proxy to deny the rights of dissenters.

Here’s a stunning example:  (Note: This is just one Home Depot among many others who don’t treat their customers this way. You might want to inquire of Home Depot Corporate to find out why.)