Southern Border

In a classic case of taxing our money for one good cause, then spending it on a totally different pet project, Biden has ‘diverted’ $2 Billion from the Covid Relief funds in order to provide housing for illegal children at our southern border. Not a penny to house the soldiers guarding the politicians in Washington, however.


They are doing a classic CYA move, claiming that new, improved ‘science’ is why they dropped the mask mandates. Odd how that science was discovered when a number of states, on their own, dropped the mask mandate, and the results were snowballing. But, they soon ‘clarified’ their stand by saying that, as the teachers’ unions demand, kids (who are at nearly zero risk) must still wear masks in school.


One of their more racist contributors, Ached Rega, put out a tweet saying ‘The world today needs another Hitler’. Yep, he actually said that. Nothing like another world war, with tens of millions of people killed, and nations wasted. That should solve all our social problems.


Spanish MP Francesco Jose Caterers was suspended from Twitter for making the outrageous statement that ‘a man cannot get pregnant’. Kind of shows you where truth and political correctness are these days.


His latest cure for all the ills in the nation – he will begin giving cash back (what used to be annual tax credits) to families with children. This will begin July 15, and will mean payments of $250-300 per month to families with very young children, and a lesser amount for those with older children. This will cost ‘only’ $1.8 Trillion dollars. Wouldn’t it be easier, and cheaper, to just cut tax rates for those families? By eliminating the middleman – i.e. government – we could cut a lot of costs and kickbacks. But, I forgot, that would mean a loss of control by the people who run this program. This could affect 39 million households. Roughly, half the families in the country.

Dr. Fauci

He has joined the far left, for sure. He now claims that Covid is ‘racist’, because it affects the black community more than others. Seems this great scientist missed one little detail. Covid is far more likely in people who are both obese, and lacking in vitamin D. And, those issues are nearly universal in many of our poorer communities, especially those in the inner city.

Eric Clapton

This legendary singer and guitar player, now 76, dutifully stepped up and took the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. He said the results were ‘disastrous’. For ten days, he was either ‘frozen’, and could not use his hands, much less play music. Then when that wore off, he shifted between being numb, or having a burning in his hands and feet. He blamed the ‘propaganda’ saying that these vaccines were safe for everyone.

Eric was part of the Yardbirds, and later Cream, as well as a storied solo career.

So far, more than 9250 people have contracted Covid, after being vaccinated. When you dig into the details, the vaccine does not prevent you from catching this, nor does it prevent you from transmitting it to others. What it does is reduce your symptoms – like those medicines that promise to shorten a cold, and make the effects seem less.

Ancient Kings

There was a story about an ancient king, possibly of Greece, that was sure he was the most powerful man in the world, and that everyone, and everything, should obey him. He went down to the seashore, and demanded the tides to stay back, while he enjoyed his visit. The tides, of course, ignored him and continued to advance. The king sent his servants into the surf with whips, to punish the tides for disobeying him. Didn’t work. The tides cared not a whit about his importance, and did as they have always done, moving in or out every twelve hours.

The moral of the story: No matter how important you think you are, Mother Nature is in charge, and you cannot will Her to change according to your whims.