Have you seen this story in the insanestream media? What we are seeing/hearing should not be taken as gospel! They are not giving you the correct facts and the important data is being buried! Don’t you wonder why? Ever?
Are they telling you that most Americans, 63%, would rather not have Biden in the White House? Finally catching on! [Please DO NOT infer that means they/I wanted Trump back in, it’s just saying they DON’T like Rezident Biden!]
Do they also tell you that Biden’s veiled threats to sue States who don’t comply with Federal mandates will go nowhere? Just like he threatened to sue States that change their election laws for a more SECURE, FAIR, FREE, NON-CHEATING election! It’s all empty threats, thanks to our Constitution!
Why is it when you disagree with those on the lunatic Left, they automatically think you are from the right side of the political spectrum. These days, people can’t have different opinions without a Party Label being branded on them.
Dissent doesn’t have to be associated with Right or Left. It can just be that, dissent, disagreement, difference!