Karen Kataline 

Have you noticed that nothing much works since Biden got in office? Not that everything should be blamed on him, but it’s as if someone flipped a switch after Jan. 20, and things we used to be able to do with ease is now a cluster*&%.  Let’s just call it a “cluster,” okay Brandon?

The most prominent is the thoroughly incompetent, computerization of everything.

We were led to believe that computers would make us all more efficient because they can manage and manipulate huge amounts of data with the click of a button. We regularly take orders from the computer rather than applying our common sense because it’s dispassionate and inanimate.  It must be better.

But computers have numerous glitches and weaknesses and these days, they see to be mounting.  Namely, they must collectivize us all in order to perform the functions we tell them to perform.  Consequently, they are incapable of “thinking outside the box,” and only if a human has programmed them for specific eventualities. Spontaneity to address a unique problem is impossible for them. They cannot discern or translate human nuance.

We hear from just about every customer service person we have waited over an hour to speak to on the phone, that “the computer won’t let me” do it and we accept that decree. We go through silly gyrations to satisfy the computer no matter how ridiculous.

No wonder Big Tech was co-opted by leftist/socialist ideologues so easily. A system that controls and collectivizes people is a dream come true to autocrats and central planners everywhere.

True to the perverse world in which we are living, our freedom will depend on living much more like the Amish than the Jetsons.