Karen Kataline

Just in time for the holidays, globalists have gifted the free world with yet another covid “variant.”

As has been the case with all the previous variants, there has been no identified, definitive patient-centered test. That never stops the usual suspects from ramping up hysteria.

This one will again justify tightening the screws that are now in place to kill individuality and suffocate autonomy and Liberty. The tactic is as or more powerful as any other weapon.

This next invisible threat, will deliver another dose of fear and paranoia and with straight faces, they will claim yet again, that they are “racing to contain it.”

Does anything they do ever contain it? -or does everything they do increase authoritarian control over our lives and take away our natural rights? How long will people buy-in to this proliferating fraud? As we watch these same government hacks make the same moves over and over again, suspicions continue to grow. Despite that, their moves continue to work.

The authoritarianism that is actively shrinking the free world is without a doubt, the deadliest virus.

Meanwhile the virus isn’t spreading in Africa. You’d think that would be information those who profess so much concern would be interested in, but along with anything else that could help people feel better physically or emotionally, they keep “racing to contain” any knowledge or awareness of it.

Why COVID-19 is not so spread in Africa: How does Ivermectin affect it?

Consider the motive of politicians, a corrupt media, and un-elected bureaucrats who suppress this information and adamantly discourage the use of ivermectin and other cheap and effective treatments that could lower the temperature of hysteria. Isn’t it about time to question the motive of such virulent virtue signalers?

They relentlessly push (force) treatments and injections that are causing injuries and death while suppressing effective or more benign treatments.

We don’t have all the answers but as we have seen, they don’t want us to ask. The first question we have to keep asking about all of it, is why.