Trucks are filling the streets of Ottawa, and crowds of 100,000 or more are dancing in the street. No violence. No burning buildings. No racist slurs. No trash in the streets. A few provocateurs seem to be running among the crowd. One man with a Confederate Flag – and a mask over his face. Another with a Nazi flag. Could this be where the missing Ray Epps disappeared to? Enquiring minds want to know.
The Lamestream Media is suggesting that ‘why don’t we all call it a day and go home, so we can get back to business?’ They missed the point.
But the effects are starting, anyway. Saskatchewan has declared an end to all the mandates, masks, etc.
Meanwhile, Trudeau is in hiding. He tried to block the roads leading into Ottawa. Did not work. He is whining about how all these protesters are racists (naturally), and anti-democratic, and, and, well, they don’t like him or agree with his dictates, and that is what is wrong.
White House
They are sending all Americans ‘free’ covid test kits. Somehow, they found $60 billion in ‘free’ money, to buy these kits from – wait for it – China. Yes, friends and neighbors, the same place that created this virus, and loosed it on the world, and who refused to release protective equipment for our doctors, and who made masks that were so shoddy that even our left rejected them, and who had their own vaccine that was rejected by everybody as ineffective, those same folks will now give you test kits, to see if you have their virus. What could go wrong?
This is a small remote island in the pacific. They had totally escaped the pandemic, by shutting down all travel in or out of their island some ten months ago. Their population is only 122,000. But it was time to bring home some of their people who had been living abroad. So, great care was taken to protect this island from the pandemic. All of the returning people were fully vaxxed. Triple Tested. Quarantined for two weeks prior to returning. Everything was done that could be done. But as soon as they arrived home, 36 of the 54 people tested positive for the virus. This after being fully vaxxed, and triple tested prior to returning. In a short time, this island nation had 181 new cases among their own people, in addition to those returning.
The lesson here: there is no place to hide from this virus. There is only treatment. Prevention with expensive vaccines does not work. Testing is unreliable. What we do know is that therapeutics do work. Actual field work in India, using Ivermectin, eradicated this virus in at least two provinces. The Lamestream Media refuses to report this. And, there are at least 200 other examples with similar results. And, another repurposed product, Fluvoxamine, has been shown to produce similar results. All of these drugs have been in common use, are fully FDA approved, and safe for decades. Best of all, they are very cheap. Pennies, compared to thousands of dollars for the patient medicines that do not work, and can harm you.
Chuck Schumer
He is trying yet another back door. He is demanding $1.5 billion to set up an Interstate Gun Task Force to rid the land of illegal guns. Let me translate from democrat speak. They failed to cancel the Second Amendment. Gun sales are skyrocketing. Crooks are being shot daily by legally armed citizens, protecting themselves since Law Enforcement cannot and will not do so. The future police state is at risk, and we need a way to locate, identify all guns, so we can confiscate them. Like what was done in Australia. So the government there can beat down their citizens with clubs, tear gas and rubber bullets. Just like we want to do here.. Prison camps for all those who oppose us – just like the January 6 people!
26 Electric Cars
I noted last night that GM made only 26 electric cars. That was incorrect. They only made 26 in Q4 of last year. Over the whole year, they made about 24,000. Still much less than Tesla made.