Bravo to Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia for:👏👌❗
a) sitting with the GOP as the Lunatic Left is becoming more rabid by the minute!
b) for this GREAT statement that shows ALL the hypocrisy one needs to know when listening to the ramblings of the President…
“While Americans decry what is happening in Ukraine, the United States continues to allow the import of more than half a million barrels per day of crude oil and other petroleum products from Russia during this time of war,” Manchin said this week.
Let that sink in folks as you sit at the gas pump and watch the dollars go up and up while you fill your tank!
***REMEMBER Before ReZident O’Biden, we were the largest exporter of oil. We were NOT feeding any countries economy with our massive purchases of oil as we are now.
We are NOW back to importing, as we don’t produce enough for ourselves! Thank you, imbecilic brain dead moron President, for stopping the Keystone Pipeline and killing thousands of jobs along with other energy producing facilities.