If you live in an area with farms that sell fresh produce, you are the lucky the ones! This administration said 2 weeks ago we should be prepared for food shortages. The United Kingdom and other countries in Europe are raising prices and shelves are laying empty!
Why? It’s not like we don’t have the technology, or the “idea’s”, it’s governments, here and abroad which have crippled their economies with lockdowns, mandates that have worked against them and have in essence eliminated many in their population because of such draconian measures.
All in the name of science, so these “smart” minds say. BS! All in the name of MONEY! Campaign contributions, bribes, gifts and even recommendations by Biden for Hunter Biden’s Chinese partner’s son to go to Brown University here in America.
Are we supposed to believe it is still due to Covid, or the war in Russia?
What other pathetic excuses will they use to blame for their failing policies? Taxpayer dollars, flying out of the treasury at record pace.
Are you alright with that?