Karen Kataline

While listening to a Broadway channel, I came across a song called “Gaston’s Soliloquy” from the original soundtrack of Gigi  which precedes the title song from the show.

This is Lerner and Lowe, circa 1958. They also wrote My Fair Lady.  Who knew they were so trans-phobic and anti-gay?  Not to mention, white?

“She’s a tot, just a tot.
Good for bouncing on your knee,
I am positive that she,
doesn’t even know that boys aren’t girls!”

I checked to see if those lyrics made it to the Broadway revival of Gigi in 2015. They were nowhere to be found. In fact, the lyrics to the whole song were re-written.

How offensive to call it childish to not know the difference between boys and girls!  Children know more than adults now, as they were the first to be taught the “science” that there aren’t boys or girls at all. We all choose our gender. (But being homosexual is not a choice.) Oh, and even though gender is fluid, boys can still have babies. Got it?

As Tom Lehrer said, “It’s simple. So very simple. That only a child could do it.”

The same people who created the term, “cultural appropriation” to warn us not to wear the clothing of other cultures, were getting ready to rob us of our own culture in just a few more years.

Not only are they tearing down our historical monuments with impunity, but they are dismantling our justice system, trashing our culture, and corrupting our children.  They also re-write lyrics to our most treasured Broadway shows to match the inanity and insanity they are imposing on us all without our consent.

Can you imagine taking a Sondheim masterpiece and changing the lyrics to fit a religious theme? They’d be horrified!

A skit would end up on the next Academy Awards blasting the audacity of it, and no one would get slapped!

*The original film musical, “Gigi” won the Academy for Best Picture in 1958.