Karen Kataline

You’ve heard of “Virtue-signaling,” right?  It is the act of taking a position or doing something primarily to make yourself look good or more superior to others or to justify feeling that way about yourself.

I nominate a new kind of signaling, “Sucker Signaling.” That’s the  practice of continuing to run around in a mask which signals to everyone else that you’re a sucker.

This sort of public mockery and admonishment (Am I being a ‘Karen?’) is extremely distasteful to the average conservative. They think we can win this war on our country by being “nice.”

What’s more, it makes no more sense to demand that everyone remove their masks than it did to force everyone to wear them—(though it would be refreshing to return to the prohibition of mask-wearing in banks, but that’ll never happen either, since many forms of theft are now legal).

Are these sucker-signalers still scared of a virus that most people have had and that face rags did absolutely nothing to prevent?  Are they trying to protect themselves or us?  Mask fascists have been perfectly content to keep that confusion going and a lot more, because they have benefited from it all enormously.

Airlines finally suspended their muzzle mandates after more than two years and predictably and Liberals predictably, resisted it every step of the way.

Two days before Joe Biden’s big televised speech in March, the mask mandate for lawmakers inside the House Chamber was conveniently lifted. Politicians can’t have face time with a national audience if their faces are covered up.

That should have been the all-time perfect example of how insane and tyrannical the mask hoax was from the beginning and how it has served every Leftist wet dream for the last 75 years.

No, there will be no conservative who advocates the forced removal of masks. Think about how the Left would lose their cookies if we did.  Nevertheless, and contrary to public opinion, we are allowed to have one  –about people who still wear masks or about anything else.

I see nothing wrong with a little social stigma that makes the point that masks were ridiculous then and they are more ridiculous now, but the collective tyranny they have ushered in has never  been anything to sneeze at.

Those who are still gripped by fear and media propaganda so much that they continue to muzzle themselves, are also most likely to believe Putin is Hitler and Zelensky is Braveheart for no other reason but that a media talking head told them so. They will be ripe for the next hoax that’s just around the corner, and there will most certainly be one.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but these people do present an actual threat to those who still treasure Liberty.

Why? Because they gave up their liberty a long time ago.