While the Democrats are trying to take away our first amendment rights, they are loathe to admit their policies have contributed, most likely to what we are now experiencing in this tragic shootings.
The hypocrisy is astounding and frightening that our lawmakers, most definitely on the lunatic Left side, use these horrific tragedies as a way to grandstand their agenda while people are trying to heal.
We have seen, FACTS, cities that prolonged the lockdowns, mandates are having a harder time adjusting back. Mass layoffs in many sectors have hurt the economy as well as medical and airline industry.
Over the Memorial Day weekend over 2,000 flights cancelled from a direct cause of the mandates of Covid. Airlines don’t have enough staff!
How much longer are Americans going to put up with high prices, family members falling ill, food shortages and inflation? ALL of which can be traced back to starting after our 2020 election was stolen and ReZident O’Biden became our illegal Commander and Chief!