Thanks Captain N for this great “rant from the bunker”!
Notes from an ex-NYC cop on Staten Island……


1. MR. & MRS. AMERICA, it is painfully obvious that Joseph Robinette Biden is physically and mentally incapable of leading our country. Why haven’t his party’s leaders begun the process of removing this man from office? Democrats always put their party ahead of our country. We are in great danger, and the Democrats are willfully blind to this national crisis.

2. GET YOUR POPCORN, and watch two looney far left Manhattan Congressmen try to destroy each other. The Congressional boundaries for NY Reps. Jerold ‘No Neck’ Nadler and Carolyn ‘Pickle Puss’ Maloney recently changed so that they have to run against each other to remain in the House. Both are sickening lefties. No Neck Nadler used to weigh about 500 lbs. After lap band surgery, he is down to about 350 lbs. With a huge waist, and no chest, No Neck looks like a giant egg with a belt. Pickle Puss has a perpetual sour look, like she just ate two dozen lemons. They are both quite stupid. It will be great to see these two socialists try to get further left of each other’s politics. Let the steel cage match begin!

3. QUEEN ELIZABETH celebrated her 70th anniversary as Queen of England. There was a grand ceremony in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Her son, Charles, was wearing a ridiculous military outfit, like something you would see on a South American general. Also in attendance were Prince ‘Harry The Henpecked’ and his wife, Meghan Markle, The Duchess Of Useless. They were roundly booed.

4. MONICA SHOWALTER @ American Thinker exposes the nonsense that our Vegetable-In-Chief is saying. In early June, Joe Biden crowed about what a great economy we have under him. Biden claimed that the economy just added 390,000 new jobs. Another whopper was that Americans are coming back to the workforce at a faster rate than at any point in the last 40 years. Monica debunked that claim with this: “For the record, we have not created ‘new’ jobs in the past 18 months. People who were laid off during the lockdown are now coming back to work. We still have fewer jobs today than we did in early 2020.” Please remind your idiot brother-in-law of this fact when he praises Joe Biden. You know the guy, the left wing loon with a bald head and a man bun, who knows everything.

5. PIZZA SLUT: PIZZA HUT is promoting a book about Drag Queens and Drag Kids for kids 4 to 9. They’ve got some crust! With their pies, the cardboard box is the best part.

6. PATRIOTS, IF AMERICA IS LOST, there is nowhere left to go. This is our last stand. In order to keep and save our country, we must fight the radical left, and the sick, depraved Democrat Party, with everything we have. We can not let them win. They will destroy us if we don’t fight back. The once patriotic, pro-America Democrat Party has become a cesspool of America haters, anti-Semites, socialists, military bashers, Catholic haters, lying politicians, corrupt federal cops, and abortion-loving fanatics. Republicans have to wake up and not let the Democrats steal the 2022 election, like they did in 2020. We have to become dirty street fighters, like Schumer and Pelosi.

7. THE MAN who left 300,000 weapons for our Taliban enemies is lecturing Americans on gun control. FUHGGEDDABBOUDDITT!!!

8. MORON OF THE MONTH: Brooklyn, NY Assemblywoman, Rodneyse Hermelyn, recently ran off at the mouth without knowing what she was talking about. It is a common trait of Democrat politicians. Right after the recent mass shooting at a Tulsa, OK hospital, this dim-witted Democrat blamed the attack on “white supremacy.” However, the shooter was a 45 year old black man. Maybe we should have a mandatory waiting period before Democrat politicians can speak out on a subject.

9. THE INDICTMENT of Trump advisor, Peter Navarro, is another example of Democrats’ lawless, unconstitutional acts to harm their political opponents. Professor Alan Dershowitz explained why Navarro’s indictment was wrong. Trump’s advisor claimed executive privilege, meaning any conversations between him and the former President are privileged, and may not be divulged. Prof. D said the DOJ lawyers first had to go to a federal judge and get a ruling from the court on whether Navarro’s claim of privilege was correct. They did not do that, and unlawfully indicted him. Democrats are shameless!

10. THE RELIGION OF PEACE STRIKES AGAIN: In Nigeria, radical Islamic gunmen slaughtered fifty Christians as they gathered in church for Pentecost Sunday.

11. BYE, BYE BOUDIN: Soros-funded radical San Francisco District Attorney, Chesa Boudin, was recalled by voters who were sick of his pro-criminal, far left policies. His failure to protect the citizens of SF turned this city into a crime-ridden hell hole. Boudin is a Yale Law graduate, which is evidence of a lack of common sense. He campaigned on the lie that the criminal justice system is racist. People are arrested and prosecuted for their actions and behavior, not for their skin color. If a black man robs a bank and is arrested, he is not in jail for “banking while black”, but for a serious felony.

12. THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS [same thing] ridiculed, denied, and doubted every accusation that Donald Trump made about being spied on, the phony Meuller probe, the FBI frame-up, and years of lies by the corrupt press about “Russia collusion.” Now it turns out that Trump was right about everything. Will all of the lying journalists at the Washington Post and NY Times, who received Pulitzer Prizes for their lying about Trump and his campaign, apologize and return their prizes? Will all the Trump-hating talking heads on CNN and MSNBC admit they were wrong about Mr. Trump?

13. BRING BACK mean tweets and $2.20/gallon gas! The average price of gas has reached $5 per gallon.

14. THE JANUARY 6th HEARING is one big bust. It is a Democrat and RINO one-sided hit job for the purpose of keeping Donald Trump from running for President in 2024. They don’t want an America First policy. Democrats want America feminized and weakened. Anyone honestly reviewing the videos of the protest can see that it was a Democrat set-up. Even Ray Charles could see it!!! The Capitol Police left the doors wide open [in January!], then stood aside and allowed protestors to enter the Capitol, all the while making no attempt to stop them. Most people entering the Capitol quietly walked in between the velvet ropes, like any visitor does. Next, the Democrats and Pelosi sicced their FBI goon squad on these “mostly peaceful” Trump supporters, and charged them with trespassing, after they were allowed in the building. What the Democrats are not asking witnesses is why the doors were not locked when they knew there would be hundreds of angry citizens protesting the stolen election. The Capitol has strong metal doors that can be locked electronically, but someone in charge gave the order not to lock them. Who was that person? My big schnozzola senses that it was Nancy Pelosi who gave the order to keep the doors open.
If we have honest, fraud-free elections in November, Republicans will take over the House and Senate. I want to see Pelosi, Schumer, FBI Director Wray, the Capitol Police commanders, the House Sergeant At Arms, and FBI agents provocateurs put under oath. Make them invoke their 5th Amendment privilege to show all of America how corrupt and dishonest they are!!!

15. CAPITOL JOKE: How about those wimpy Capitol Police, crying that they were called names on January 6th? These pansies couldn’t amount to a pimple on a real cop’s ass!

16. AS THE DEMOCRAT Green New Deal fanatics try to shut down the oil and gas industries, Americans must be armed with facts to counter these ignorant, uneducated enviro-nuts. Liberals feel, and don’t think, but they are in power, and are trying to destroy the country! I have said it before, but it bears repeating: There are thousands upon thousands of products, other than gasoline, that are made from petroleum. The list is extensive. Just do a search on “Products Made From Petroleum.” So, when Democrat policies try to shut down the oil industry, they are also crippling production of thousands of other products. You will have plenty of ammunition to fire back at your ignorant, uneducated, fossil fuel hating relative [see No. 4].

17. JIM HOFT @ The Gateway Pundit asks “If Democrats are so certain that Joe Biden won the 2020 election fair and square – why are they always blocking investigations and audits and harassing investigators?” The election crooks are trying to run out the clock. Federal law requires states to retain ballots for 22 months. So, the document retention period will end on September 3rd, and the bogus ballots will be destroyed. To date, I have not read of any ballots being subjected to inspection for fraud. Democrats have blocked all attempts to have ballots forensically examined.

18. DEMOCRATS do not have a plan to fix anything, because their plan is to destroy everything.

19. IT’S NOW OFFICIAL: Democrats have turned America into a Third World country. RYAN KELLEY, Republican candidate for Michigan Governor, was recently arrested by the FBI for four misdemeanors relating to the January 6th protest at the Capitol. He never entered the Capitol building. This is another example of sick, power-mad Democrat thugs using the FBI as their goon squad enforcers. I no longer consider the FBI to be a legitimate, honorable, or honest police agency. They have become the private, corrupt army of the Democrat Party. Every FBI agent should hang their head in shame at the dishonor they have brought to this once-great organization. They are a national disgrace and must be disbanded!

20. OTERO COUNTY, New Mexico voted to ban Dominion vote counting machines, ballot drop boxes, and to have only paper ballots. I believe the Dominion machines were programmed to reduce the number of Republican votes, and increase the Democrat vote count. Drop boxes are an invitation to fraud. If you ever saw the 2,000 Mules video, you watched people stuff ballots into the drop boxes, and you know they weren’t Trump votes!

21. THE DEMOCRATS’ phony January 6th hearings were a dud. Americans watching this show trial realized it was a partisan hit job. They altered and selectively edited videos, took quotes out of context, and hid evidence that was favorable to Trump. The only Republicans on the committee were two RINO Trump haters. It is like a trial where only the prosecution can submit evidence, with most of it tainted. The defendant is barred from cross-examining the witnesses, producing witnesses on his behalf, and defending himself.

22. TOM LIFSON wrote a great article @ American Thinker [6/12/22] about Australian commentator, Andrew Bolt and his new term for the green fanatics: “Climate primitives.” They reject fossil fuels, from which agricultural fertilizers are made, but they offer no alternatives for feeding the world’s starving millions. “These modern primitives…have said gas, coal, oil, and nuclear power are all taboo. This is back-to-the caves primitivism, driven not by reason, but the latest earth-worshipping faith. Nothing these people say makes sense.” BRAVO!!!

23. THE CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE had an entire article on NEIL OLIVER’S raw denunciation of the Democrats and their harmful COVID tactics. “For two years they shoved their intolerant fingers in our faces, destroyed lives and livelihoods, made ridiculous demands in order to sustain their own fear, threatened our children, destroyed the economy, used COVID as an excuse to destroy families and steal an election, attempted to force us to kneel at the altar of their mask wearing and never-ending vaccine crap… and we’re just supposed to what, forgive them? Fat chance… WE NEED a reckoning. The question is this: are we stupid? Or are we just being treated as if we’re stupid?”
REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER! Remember every time you were forced to wear a useless mask; remember every day you were locked down in your own house for no legitimate reason; remember your friends and relatives who were put out of work; remember those who died because Fauci and the Democrats would not allow COVID patients to be treated with successful, inexpensive medicines… for political reasons; remember the school kids who lost two years of education, and when they finally came back to school, were forced to breathe in CO2 all day; remember your favorite restaurants that went out of business because of Democrat lies; remember the two years you lost due to lying Democrats wanting to whip up hysteria over a flu; remember the stolen election using phony mail-in ballots!

24. JOHN HINDRAKER @ Powerline Blog begins by showing screen shots of his and his wife’s recent gas pump totals of $117.24 and $131.47. “So we spent $248.71 on gasoline today. We are fortunate: we can still afford to eat dinner… Most Americans are not so lucky, and most Americans also understand that the Democratic Party is doing this to us on purpose, to advance its perverted political agenda.
“Are the Democrats deliberately trying to destroy the middle class, or is the middle class merely collateral damage? I started out believing the latter, but I increasingly wonder whether doing away with the middle class is the Democrats’ long-term objective. That hypothesis certainly explains most of what they do.”