So why are approximately 31 States still using these machines that we know some have components to let machines go online and be hacked?
“An election dispute in El Paso County, Colorado, is leading to new controversy surrounding the equipment produced and maintained by Dominion Voting Systems.
The machines remain a focal point of disputes about the accuracy of the official results of the 2020 presidential election in multiple locations.
In advance of an upcoming hand recount of primary election results from last week, El Paso County is conducting a series of preliminary tests on the Dominion machines it uses. The machines have been shown to produce numerous “adjudications.” The adjudications are a term for errors discovered through Logic and Accuracy testing of the equipment.
The hand recount has been demanded under state law by several candidates, including Mesa Clerk Tina Peters and state senate candidate Linda Zamora Wilson.
The law requires that the candidates requesting a hand recount pay the expenses of the process. Those costs include $10,000 allocated to Dominion for “vendor programming/support.”
The testing has included around 4,000 ballots and almost 60% of those were rejected by testing for adjudication.
Dominion employees who were present for the testing were unable to get the machines to function correctly.”
If it can happen in Colorado, it is most definitely happening in other places!