Thanks, Captain, for passing this on! Once again, Rich has hit it out of the park!
This was a great show back in the late 1960’s. If you catch reruns on late night cable TV, you see that we are still dealing with exactly the same issues, 50 years later. One of my favorite stand up dialogs was with Rowan and Martin doing the corporate CEO and lawyer bit. CEO says – ‘We have been ordered to fix the smokestack on our plant, to eliminate all that smoke and pollution. So, how much will that cost?’
‘Well, it will cost either $20,000 or $5000’.
‘I am confused, how can it be so different?’
‘Well, for $20,000, we can fix the smokestack. But, for $5000, we can fix the judge.’
After years of litigation and conflict, the courts there ruled that a Christian baker CAN refuse to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding. It is a First Amendment right, not subject to political opinions. When this happened, gay activist groups protested, violently, and the State Department of Fair Housing and Employment stepped in to fine and prosecute the baker. The baker sued. And, now the baker wins.
Diesel Fuel
Supply is down to 25 days. If this is allowed to continue, trucks will stop running, trains will not deliver goods. What fascinating timing. This would happen just after the elections. Imagine that. If the trucks stop – no food will be delivered to the cities, and people will begin to starve. Starving people can be controlled. If trains stop, heavy goods will not be delivered. No lumber. No minerals. No liquids for industry. The economy would collapse. This is the plan the left has prepared.
More of them have entered the nation in the last few years than the total population of 15 states. Is that a problem? It will be when welfare and handouts end.
Student Test Scores
Math and English scores have plummeted since the lockdowns, etc. School closings have put an entire generation years behind the rest of the population, and the world. Of the top 20 states that opened schools, and allowed in-person learning, 19 of them were led by republican governors. In other states, teachers went for extended vacations, on your dime.
Kamala is all excited about ‘investing’ $5 billion of your dollars into electric school buses. Because, as we know, diesel fumes are harming the kids.
Their government is very reluctant to bail out their failing real estate companies. Way too capitalistic. About 25% of their economy is based on real estate. Citizens have been buying up properties like crazy for years, and now that is grinding to a halt. People are refusing to pay mortgages on property that has not been built, and that also means less taxes paid to the government. Home sales have crashed, and the C-19 lockdowns have halted production in many places. China is looking at a really bad winter of their own.
Warner Brothers Discovery
They are tanking as well. They cannot sell their woke stuff, so a lot of content is being dropped. The viewing public (and thus advertisers) do not care about ‘diversity’, ‘equity’ and the angst of odd relationships.
They are also recognizing that the pandemic is done and people are fed up. They are dropping a lot of C-19 lockdown stuff, and apologizing to the unvaccinated for ‘discrimination’ that they did to them. This is a prelude to the legal actions against them for what they did. The government is hoping to avoid being sued into bankruptcy or, gasp, losing their jobs, over their actions.
The weakening economy has driven consumer spending into a serious slump. When confidence in the future and government falls, so does spending. Europeans save a much larger proportion of their money, as they have lived through many wars and other economic troubles. This is a better indicator of how things are going than any polls or pronouncements by government.
A court there has taken the children away from a family because they refused to ‘affirm’ the claimed gender ID of their children. If you don’t like gender ID change, you will not be allowed to keep your own children.
In another case, a school board lawyer has said that ‘parents cannot dictate what their children are taught.’ But, I thought that the Golden Rule applied? He who has the gold, makes the rules. Parents pay for the schools, therefore, they have the gold. Perhaps it is time to cut the funding to schools that refuse to teach what parents want kids to learn.
Penn State
They invited a conservative comedy event to perform. Local leftists (paid for by someone) didn’t like this, and staged a violent protest with ‘brownshirts’ and shut it down. So much for tolerance and diversity.
He actually got lost on the South lawn of the White House. Then complained ‘see what little freedom they allow me’. The White House is the most expensive assisted living center in the nation. And, Home of the Whopper. He also said that guns should be limited to ‘eight bullets in a round’. I am sure he learned that from the NRA.
They have arrested 13 Chinese nationals for corrupting our justice system (isn’t that an oxymoron?). Ten were said to be Chinese spies. These folks were threatening and blackmailing American-Chinese people who dared to visit relatives in the homeland. Official Kristen Clark will prosecute only pro-life cases, and refuses to prosecute violence by pro abortion groups and individials.
They are asking the UN to investigate illegal biolabs in Ukraine run by the US. 46 of them. Many with ties to the Bidens. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.
Former Top Gun pilots, like Keith Hartley, are training Chinese pilots on private contracts worth a lot of cash. This is not illegal by UK law, so about 50 such pilots are teaching our enemies how to defeat us. Many have knowledge of the latest fighters and systems, and who knows what the Chinese have learned? Keith had a call sign of ‘Hooligan’.
Marco Rubio
He had a man canvassing for him prior to elections, when a youth accosted him and beat him badly. Javier Lopez was arrested. His mother, Diana Rosa Lopez, refused to post bail for her son, saying he got what he deserved. She claimed he did not understand politics, but knew about violence.
San Francisco
They are getting flak about proposing to spend $1.5 million for a single public toilet. They claim construction costs have gone up. And I thought only the military was accused of overspending on toilet seats and hammers.
California is still listed as the world’s 4th largest economy, after the US, China and Japan. It used to be #6 or #7, and it is hard to see how they gained, given their problems.
Darrell Brooks
This is the man who drove an SUV into a crowd of people during the Waukesha Parade. He was found guilty on all 76 counts, including six counts of First Degree Murder. Looks like he will be going back to prison for a long, long time.
The debate was a disaster for Fetterman. So, bring out the spin doctors, to try to convince us it wasn’t as bad as we saw. They actually had closed captioning screens, so Fetterman could see and understand what was being asked of him. So, democrats tried to blame the screens for his failure. That did not go well. Then, they attacked Oz for ‘bullying a recovering stroke victim’. That also failed. If he cannot handle a polite debate, then he is unfit to serve in a hostile Senate.
His is not the only failing race. Kari Lake is pulling ahead of Kathie Hobbs, a lot. Hershel Walker is now ahead of Warnock. Many other races show similar trends.
No matter, JPK, White House sock puppet, claims that ‘voter suppression and record turnout at the polls can exist simultaneously’ in Georgia. When asked to explain, she refused to ‘get specific’. She also produced no evidence. As usual.
The courts are ruling in favor of election law changes as proposed by republicans in Michigan, Nevada, NY and Arizona.
Meanwhile, as reporters tried to ask Biden about election issues, Biden’s aides literally screamed at the reporters to shut up, while Biden mocked them and their questions. Guess they know that the game is over, and things will not be well with them. But, they continue to scream ‘believe it not’ about things like inflation, crime, fuel costs,the collapse of the housing market, the failure of our military, fraud at all levels of government, and the coming recession. Can they yell loud enough to stop what is coming?
The DOD has stated that enlistements are down, not because of woke ideologies in the service, but because we do not have enough young women having abortions. Abortions not only will improve the economy, end inflation, but also pick up recruitment in the service.
The Air Force admitted that personnel records, confidential records, were released to an ‘opposition research group’ to attack Indiana House GOP candidate, LtCol Jennifer Ruth Green. Including details of a sexual assault she experienced in service. This is not a simple mistake, but a federal crime.
Gretchen Whitmer has given $236 million of taxpayer dollars to failed EV battery maker Our Next Energy. CEO Mujeeb Ljaz was formerly head of A123 Systems, who got another massive grant to make batteries, and in a few months squandered all that and much more, without producing any batteries.
This division of Google has seen profits fall 50%, along with advertising revenue. Where did all those chickens roosting here come from?
Joseph Kennedy
No, not the patriarch of the Kennedy family, but the HS football coach who was fired for praying on field with his team. Courts in Washington State have ordered he be reinstated.
A merger deal between TV companies was having some trouble getting approved. Bryan Alliance and Tegna were at a standstill, then Byron made a $271,300 ‘donation’ to Pelosi, and similar amounts to other democrats. Suddenly, Nancy is meddling with this deal, to give a favorable outcome to her donors.
Elon Musk
He has purchased Twitter. He walked into their offices carrying a kitchen sink. ‘Let that sink in’ he tweeted. Then, he fired four top executives, including CEO Palag Agrauval, CFO Ned Segal, policy exec Vijaya Gadde and General Council Sean Edgett. All that screaming you hear is from the bloodletting that is already started, and will continue.
Republican Mayra Flores was denied membership in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus because she was a republican. They still think of her as Miss Frijoles.”