Is this the new norm? Lying your way to office or while in office? If we haven’t had enough examples of needing Term Limits in the last decade or more, I don’t know what else we need to show how much it’s needed.
We are teaching our children that it is an acceptable form of winning if you lie your way there or cheat. We are telling our children that in order to prove your viewpoint not bothering to weigh other’s, lying is the route to go.
How sad that this is what our political arena has turned into. Not to mention minting millionaires. Why should we as taxpayers let these ordinary citizens like us, stay in office 6 years or more and get lucrative pensions courtesy of the taxpayer? WTF? Between the money we give them for their offices and staff and salary and benefits, private sector lags behind government work!
SHAMEFUL!!!! And you want to keep voting in the same folks over and over again for what? Unless you are part of the “in crowd” closest to that Representative, what enrichment have you had that you can’t do without? Inflation, recession, food crisis, energy shortage, unchecked treasury printing money like there’s no tomorrow?