When you live long enough, you get to see things, not necessarily good stuff happens, over and over again and wonder why people can be SO dense.
We get to see it happen in real time! Just look at the toilet that is now California. Sorry, but it’s in dept until the next millilumen. They would love the rest of the country to bail them out with tax dollars. They have no water, they don’t let Forest Rangers cull the dead brush and clean the forests and do what is necessary not to have so many wildfires, but they don’t, they constantly risk lives and people’s properties because of their policies.
They want to go all electric, but they have rolling blackouts because their grid is not able to handle the immense surge in power from their citizens. Who wants to have only one way of power? Who would want to give their enemies so much “power” pun intended, to destroy said power with bots, hacks and all the other sophisticated technology and genius that are out there?
Sanctuary cities all over the State and crime is a problem. Paul Pelosi got attacked by an illegal immigrant!