Karen Kataline

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that the broad cultural values which we once thought were self-evident and on which we have previously relied are being destroyed.

In their place, are their direct opposites. They have already been presented as the only socially acceptable “truth.”

When did so many of these twisted premises become sacrosanct?  It was probably about the time they were accompanied by vicious intolerance for anyone who opposes them.

Merely asking questions about their moral foundation, logic, or wisdom will have you labeled, shunned, marginalized, censored and drummed out of “civil society” by the very people who lectured you for decades against all such intolerance.

In fact, bigotry and persecution is the new socially acceptable excuse to perpetuate bigotry and persecution.

Anyone can now be targeted for destruction by the use of irrationally broad definitions of “racism” and “bigotry.”

What an ingenious system for bypassing Due Process and getting away with crimes against one’s political enemies.

The following is an incomplete list of poisonous principles that have been foisted upon us without our consent. Were you ever asked whether you accept or reject them?

Every item is an example of the kind of “misinformation/disinformation” their proponents keep warning us about.

Ironically, those who love Liberty would not censor or punish consenting adults who believe this drivel. We must keep asking why they cannot and will not afford us the same consideration:

  • Licensed medical doctors should be persecuted and even stripped of their licenses if they don’t obey politicians and bureaucrats who are not doctors and have no medical license.
  • Children should be treated like adults and adults should now be treated like children.
  • Criminals are victims, law-abiding citizens are criminals.
  • Tent cities and defecating on city streets is okay now, but you’d better be an environmentalist and go along with the “climate agenda.”
  • You can sue gun manufacturers for a customer’s malfeasance in the use of their product but you can’t sue big pharma for their own, admitted malfeasance in producing and releasing a product that is suspected of killing people.
  • It wasn’t irresponsible for the media to keep the public in an endless state of fear and acquiescence about a 99.86% non-lethal virus.
  • It isn’t irresponsible for the media to ignore or refuse to investigate the growing number of sudden deaths of healthy people in the prime of their lives and with no previous health conditions.
  • Deadly and ineffective drugs are good, cheap effective drugs are bad. Disagreeing with this is “bad for your health.”
  • Those who conscientiously object to forced medical treatments upon their own bodies are dangerous to others but emptying our prisons, opening our borders and de-funding the police is safe for everyone and also for their own good.
  • Racism and injustice are good if directed at white people or any person who shares a characteristic with a group you hate.
  • You can still be a feminist even though you can no longer identify a female.
  • You can destroy Title 9 and women’s sports you once fought so hard for because you are an “intersectional feminist” now.
  • Social support, free expression, fresh air, the right to peacefully protest your government, and Liberty are “dangerous for our democracy.”
  • Homosexuality is not a choice but heterosexuality is.  Even grade-schoolers can decide what gender they are so long as it is different from how they were born.
  • Movie ratings that were universally used to protect children from sexually explicit material are now obsolete. Pornography is not only allowed, but required in public school libraries. If you believe this is wrong and that it is poisoning childhood innocence, you’re a “book burner” and also a “danger to democracy.”
  • Banning Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potatohead is not “book burning” because somebody somewhere, labeled them “racist.”
  • Speech is “violence” if it’s against the government, violence is free speech when it supports the government and whatever is its current agenda.
  • Requiring voter ID is racist, but vaccine passports and being required to show your ID to receive medical treatment or get on a plane is not.
  • Those who believe that the world is over-populated with humans who are a drain on the planet are demanding obedience to their endless edicts. We may no longer question their good intentions because it’s for our health and welfare.
  • Discussion and debate is dangerous. So by the way, is individuality.
  • Blaming others for your own actions is good now too–so long as you blame the right people.
  • Rushing to judgement in a criminal case, even immediately after it happens, will no longer be frowned upon. You don’t need to investigate the facts because the media with its great credibility, already told you who to blame.
  • Intellectual consistency and honesty will no longer be valued. If you believe you are a victim, you will be rewarded for blaming an entire group to which the media claims the perpetrator belonged.
  • Others must agree with your own, self-perceived “micro-aggressions” and must change their behavior so as not to offend you.
  • Those labeled as persecutors can never be victims no matter what is done to them.
  • You have the freedom to die but not the freedom to live.

The last one sounds like a poison pill doesn’t it?  They all are, and they are greasing the wheels toward our cultural suicide.

We will not comply.