How sweet is that? You get a bailout from the government, TAYPAYER DOLLARS and you turn around and donate to a political party?
And if that’s not bad enough, this current government forgave $809 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans handed out during the COVID-19 pandemic to “White-Shoe” law firms (white shoe law firm is a prestigious law firm that usually represents large corporations and wealthy individuals) which we will never see back!
The government also gave another $635 Million to hundreds of ELITE accounting firms according to new analysis of government spending!
Surely, these firms could either not gotten the money or paid it back! These are businesses with top-of-the-line clients! Sounds just like the failed auto bailout of Obama, giving GM $11 Billion dollars of TAXPAYER MONEY, only for them to sponsor football games and other sporting events and Americans have never seen that money back!
Time for accountability and actions against lawless, criminal behavior, by our government officials!