We need some fair play! It was reported on but BURIED that Pelosi knew about an attack coming to the Capitol if Trump lost. A planned attack, so they could pin it on the former President and his supporters and show American what a dangerous bunch anyone believing in Trump.
They tried to before his election, after and during to tell the world Trump was in bed with the Russians. It ALL turned out to be FAKE!
The current President, whom I believe is an illegal sitting President as the election in 6 States in 2020 were corrupt. It says in the Constitution before certifying, we can audit if there is a problem. It didn’t happen! I wonder why?
Hopefully, next year, starting in the early part after the new Congress is sworn in, we will get to see email, communication on ALL the BS that certain Democrats want to blame on others for but had a hand in themselves!
Maybe Pelosi and her pals should be subjected to the cruel and unusual punishment, solitary, the January defendants have been treated to and see if they are still signing the same tune!