Apparently, SCOTUS will have a conference on this case January 6th. Interesting date chosen.
Funny, the MSM has not picked up on this story at all. No attention, nothing. If it were any other person/party benefiting from this, then you better believe the noise from the other side would be deafening!
Regardless, what side of the political spectrum you lean, this is a very important case, as it is asking the court to revisit January 6th, 2020, when procedural actions weren’t properly taken. Cheating impacts anyone who votes. It takes away people’s choices and thrusts upon them something/someone they didn’t ask/vote for! If one can’t understand this or see the rationale behind it all, then they are myopic, closed minded and sad.
No side should be bothered by this, if in fact 2020 was all legitimate, [not likely] then why would any party have objections? They could bask in the glory of knowing they were right all along if the outcome went their way!
That was the case in 2020. Objections, loud, demanding, mostly from one side, that they certify the elections and no one object or go for the 10-day audit rule.