The last 11 Twitter Files released show that for the last two years (and in their own words) the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNI, State Dept and members of Congress (including CA Rep Adam Schiff) have been pressuring Twitter to suppress, censor and deplatform those who dissent in a fashion not to their liking.
Sorry, but that vile conduct constitutes a violation of our 1st Amend Rights by every measure. If they can censor you, they can oppress you – because their practice of the first means you can’t oppose the second.
Whether the “woke” in government like it or not, Americans despise a censorial FBI that thinks it has the prerogative to dictate to Americans what they can SAY, HEAR AND SEE. And government’s pretext to be fighting “misinformation” and “disinformation” never equals grounds because said accusations must be validated versus merely declared – and even then it should be remedied through more speech not removed speech.
Censoring dissent over unscientific oppressive Covid protocols, the border crisis, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and the Hunter Biden Laptop story (incriminating his father) were all salient illustrations of government crushing our free speech protections.
Fortunately, there’s always a 2nd Amendment solution to deal with them (and those who would support their nakedly tyrannical acts) should it become necessary. And government won’t be able to rely upon our troops to defend its tyranny by expecting them to fight against their own constitutional protections.
Remember, the National Guard will take any hill the President tells them to – except for the one on which Mom’s house sits. As a vet, I can assure you of that.
Let us hope cooler heads stop the lawlessness because no sane person wants a civil war.