This story, this week was picked up by the Daily Mail in England.
They were the first to carry it, then, Just the News here in America ran with it. Bravo!
So far haven’t been able to find it in other sources. Doesn’t mean it’s not out there, but it also means the MSM does everything they can to shield a Democrat from any unsavory, or potentially damaging story!
I am DEFINITELY not a fan of our last President, but since I am from the Party of Fair Play, it would only seem right for the media to be all over this like a fly on poop! After all, this story leads to more ugly news concerning Joe Biden, like taking showers with his daughter Ashely when she was young. She left her diary in a halfway house, and it was discovered and published with her authenticating the diary as being hers. How about the allegations, disgusting pictures, of Hunter Biden with young, young girls, including his niece which was discovered on his now authenticated laptop!!!
Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Americans need to know what kind of low life is inhabiting the Peoples House! Hopefully, this garbage will ALL be revealed, and justice can return to our country without all the government alphabet soups being weaponized!