CNN: Fact check: Biden makes false and misleading claims in economic speech.
And we should be surprised, why? The only thing surprising about that statement is the fact it came from CNN. Seems the media is not standing by Biden as they did before. Guess, they are getting ready to crown his next successor as the 2024 elections gets closer, which could possibly be the next darling of the Left, none other than the far Left’s own Gavin Newsom, who shows just how fundamentally corrupt and broken his policies are, with one of America’s own State as an experiment, California.
That State along with New York are seeing a decline in population as the population is saying “no” to their regressive policies that are hurting businesses and individuals.
Imagine saying that gas prices were high when he came into office, and they have been doing everything they can to lower said prices. If that’s the case, why are they shutting down oil production and selling our strategic reserves, which should only be used in emergencies and times of war?
The lies, weaponizing of our DOJ, FBI, CIA, is criminal and Washington has become the center for the corrupt!
What hasn’t been harped on enough, Biden’s behavior towards young girls, his daughter and his corruption along with his son Hunter and brother James!
Guess, they are saving those nuggets if Biden doesn’t go quietly and obey the directives from those pulling his strings! He keeps saying he is running for reelection, but does anyone really believe they would risk another cheating scandal?