Silk Summary:
Someone has to show us what the heck could possibly happen if there is a nuclear war. Click the map below!

Russia as of yesterday announced it is suspending it’s participation in the Salt Treaty. In other word, nukes are not off the table if you mess in their business!
Nukemap 2.5/Alex Wellerstein/Google Maps/Business Insider
Here’s what the following maps mean:
Yellow: Fireball (590-foot radius) — Less than one-millionth of one second after a bomb exploded, it would emit a giant orange fireball filled with hot air and weapon debris. Any buildings, objects, and people caught within this radius would likely burst into flames.
Green: Radiation (0.74-mile radius) — Within at least 15 minutes of a blast, clouds of dust and sandlike radioactive particles — what’s referred to as nuclear fallout — would reach the ground. Nuclear fallout can cause radiation poisoning, which damages the body’s cells and prove fatal. Wellerstein estimated that between 50% and 90% of people within this radius could die from the acute effects of radiation.
Blue-gray: Air blast (1.04-mile radius) — Air blasts are powerful enough to topple residential buildings. There would likely also be widespread injuries and fatalities within this radius.
Orange: Thermal radiation (1.18-mile radius) — People caught within this radius could experience third-degree burns, severe scarring, or disablement.