Silk Summary:

Words have meaning. If they didn’t, why bother speaking at all, we could just go about pointing fingers, wagging our fingers or flailing our arms all around.

We know politicians flip, flop all the time. First, they were for an issue, then against. We also know they lie like a rug. We must accept those lies as a sort of gospel, right? Why else would they keep getting elected over and over again?
Here, we have a “porn star”, Stormy Daniels saying in 2018, she never had an affair with Donald Trump. Did she get paid a ton of money and now that’s gone, she wants more? You know, get your name in the news, and you too, could have 15 minutes of fame. The lawyer she first used, is a criminal and in jail, why are we even hearing about this now?

Bait and switch game? It’s been done a before. Hunter Biden’s laptop is getting a lot of airtime on Capitol Hill, with ALL the play for pay, disgusting pictures of him, also, underage girls, emails, is it any wonder the Democrats want to change the narrative?
‘We may finally get some traction on the censorship issue that this govenment and Democrats keep trying do with their pals at the social media companies. A judge has ruled the issue can move forward. It is after all, a threat to our democracy, no matter how you want to see it. If we can’t get the truth from the very outlets who are assigned and paid for by advertisers to deliver it, then what kind of society are we going to be? IT’S OUR CHOICE!