Silk Summary:

The weaponizing of the DOJ, FBI and other alphabet soup agencies by the lunatic Left are becoming more and more blatant and turnabout IS FAIR PLAY!
Matt Taibbi who reported on the “Twitter Files”, was only publishing what went down between the Government and the social media giant. The American people have a right to know the government is being used to persecute people who have dissenting opinions or do not agree with the handling of our country. Since the revelations, Robert F Kennedy Jr. along with a Louisiana resident, has brought a class action suit against this administration and there are more suits, from States attorneys on their censorship of our 1st Amendment rights and the government will NOT prevail!
We are seeing the rabid Left make up MORE fake stories, crisis, to make sure the people don’t focus on our pedophile President, [creepy Joe taking showers with his daughter Ashley, touchy, feely, kissing, underage girls] his pedophile son, [plenty of evidence he had sex with underage girls on his laptop, not to mention his questionable relationship with his niece, taking money from our enemies] brother of the President and business associates.