Silk Summary:

Since we have a new weaponized DOJ, FBI, maybe they should go after Biden for allegations, multiple, made against him! You know these women didn’t go away by themselves! And since old, very, very creepy Joe, hasn’t ever had a job except sucking on the taxpayer tit, wonder where he got the money? China comes to mind!
For goodness sakes, of course, they are true, his own daughter said in her dairy, that her father took showers with her when she was little. Is it any wonder she has had substance abuse problems and has been in and out of rehabs! Just research all the photo’s of Joe Biden and very young girls, you will see tons of pictures of him, with hands on their shoulders, kissing their cheeks while they squirm, holding their arm.

We won’t even go into his son Hunter. He is the icing on the cake. He takes disgusting to a whole new level!