Silk Summary:

Bet you haven’t seen this news floating around as much yet…soon! Part of a “grand pplan” for the world to have a “great reset”. One can’t forget Hillary with Russia and her BIG RED BUTTON pushing the reset on our relationship, then turning around and having her and Obama to agree to sell 20% of our Uranium to Russia!

Former French President admits UKR proxy war goes back to 2014 coup by US/Highly classified docs leaked are not RUS disinformation/Extremely damaging.

“François Hollande, former president of France, confirms that the 2014 coup d’etat in Ukraine was part of a long-term plan to have Ukraine fight a proxy war against Russia. The Americans have been preparing this war since the Obama administration—it is now confirmed beyond doubt.” (as we said from beginning)

The admission by Hollande aligns with every element of the U.S. effort to use Russia as a bad guy, including the use of Russia against Donald J Trump. A proxy war against Russia was in the works going all the way back to the Euromaidan efforts, the color revolution in Ukraine, as constructed by the U.S. State Department, and facilitated by U.S. allies in Europe.

The Pentagon is investigating social-media posts that purport to reveal highly classified U.S. government documents on the war in Ukraine and other key international topics, in what could be one of the most dangerous intelligence breaches in decades.

Well over 100 images, marked with “Top Secret” and other classifications indicating they represent highly sensitive U.S.-produced intelligence, were posted in the Discord message board of fans of the Minecraft computer game around March 1. While many of them were deleted recently, open-source intelligence researchers have managed to download more than 60 files.

The Wall Street Journal has reported on this…