Silk Summary:

It is obvious Biden doesn’t know most days what he is supposed to do or even where he is! It is quite a political sleight of hand, as Biden is no more than a puppet, having his strings pulled by his former boss!
If we don’t change the narrative the next election, we are in for a civil war or a country that will have others dictate from a Global Board through a one-party system!

Has America come this far, where countries around the world want to emulate our system of basic freedoms only to have it torn down by a handful of globalists, who don’t care about us but just care about enriching themselves, the folks around them and making sure the world resources are enough to sustain them and their families and foot soldiers who do their bidding. We had Covid, then the forced vaccinations for many countries and here, having had federal mandates which has resulted in a weaken military, medical staff and deaths beyond our wildest imaginations!