Silk Summary:

It’s time the country turned it’s attention on Biden and his family and rid this government of a family that has been receiving payments for connections since Biden has been in office. Is it any wonder, he has taken a TAYPAYER paycheck for all these years? Who in the hell would pay for a visit or a friend of Bidens if he weren’t in office? Think about it!

What the heck has he done for this country other than get payments for access, the 1994 Crime Bill that Clinton signed that UNFAIRLY targeted minorities and was only changed during the last administration?

The list of his FAILURES is very long, and WE NEED to address this NOW, not let him get shielded from the press and the law. After all, they went after Trump for a whole lot less that THEY MADE UP, so, why don’t we go after someone who has REAL criminal activity going on?