Silk Summary:

If you are brave enough to think for yourself, then you will want to read this article! The authoritarian elites, globalist, WEF, want us to think the world is coming to an end, because of our consumption! We dare to live and use what we need. Unlike those hypocrites with their private jets, that fly all over at a whim. Like a Kardashian, taking a jet up the coast in California, which is an hour trip, so instead has the jet gased up and flown the ten minutes it took in the plane! PLEASE!

How about, the WEF flying into Davos, Switzerland for their annual bullshit fest? The planes that arrive could power 350,000 vehicles! So, who’s the BS artists here?

Even Obama’s climate czar said we don’t have an emergency, this administration and the lunatic Left, are blowing it way out of proportion so their buddies in the EV, Solar, Battery, businesses can make even bigger profits and contribute more dirty money to their dirty campaigns, PAC’s, friends!

Capitalism is great, but when it is used to enrich a select few, by way of our government as a thank you, or a favor for future donations, then it’s simply dirty!