Does anyone truly believe that Biden, his son didn’t make money using Biden’s office when VP, after and now? Let’s not forget, the probe now on in the Congress has shown at least 10-12 members made money! That’s just what they found now. One can only imagine the monies that were realized since Obama had creepy Joe as VP! It’s also like trying to believe that Biden got 94% of his votes after midnight in 2020 without leaving his basement!

Do we get justice at all? This is not a FABRICATION like the Russian Hoax the DemocRATS perpetrated on the American people. There is empirically verifiable evidence Joe Biden, his son and others profited from his position. Most likely, not just when his was VP, but when he was Senator as well. He really doesn’t have a stellar career in the Senate. His shinning glory the 1994 Crime Bill which Clinton signed was nothing more than a something to unfairly target those on the lower end of the scale. And boy did they do that over the year! Thanks goodness the last administration for the most part took care of that with the First Step Act.
How does someone make a career out of being in politics and become really wealthy? That’s NOT at all what being a representative is supposed to look like. Hurray for me, and oh well for the rest of you!