Silk Summary:

And it’s even worse. We actually have a pedophile, [just look what his daughter says about her father taking showers with her when she was a little girl] A lot of women have come forward, [ here is one piece from 2020……/joe-biden-accuser-accusations…], pay for play recipient from various foreign countries.

Yes, there is more, but whatever happens in 2024, if Joe Biden is still around and hasn’t slipped and fallen or been impeached, there is no way without cheating, that this man is back in the WH after said election! Please, please, don’t be stupid enough to think there wasn’t any in 2020. There was, do your homework. We NEED not elect the same corrupt politicians to keep coming back and enriching themselves time and time again, instead of doing what they were elected to do!

Ask yourselves this; how are SO MANY ex-politicians and current politicians millionaires many times over and weren’t anywhere near that status before entering national representation? Bernie Sanders is a perfect example. Didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together before he entered politics. Look at this chart:

and tell me that these people KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO GO FROM PAY CHECK TO PAY CHECK?
We need people to represent us who understand both sides of any coin and take the silver spoons out of their mouths!