Silk Summary:

“Fox News: Hunter Biden just did his part to help decide 2024 election.”

Considering that as some say, Fox has gone to the dark side, whatever that means, the headline really does tell an immense story!
Hunter Biden, his father, “THE BIG GUY”, his uncle and others in his family, profited from his father’s position as Senator, VP and now President.

Obama, just announced in an interview, “I think the Democratic Party is unified.”

Wow, you mean to tell me a Hunter Biden, a pedophile, his father the same, after all, creepy Joe has pictures, plenty of women saying so, plus his OWN DAUGHTER telling her diary, a lot of her problems stem from her father TAKING SHOWERS WITH HER AS A YOUNG LITTLE GIRL!🤬
Being from the Party of Fair Play, where is the justice for Americans, both for this disgusting offense, but also the bribery, treason? Selling your position to our enemies, definitely doesn’t look good on any resume! Yet here, we are, with this vile human being our President with an identical apple as a son!

Say what you will, there are threads of WhatsApp texts with Hunter and the Chinese, telling them they better pay up, the “big guy” is here with me as well as tapes.

Let’s see how this plays out. After all, they are trying to prosecute Trump for something he had the power to do, declassify documents, Joe Biden didn’t have that power, neither did Mike Pence and neither did Hillary!

If Joe Biden makes it to election day 2024, no way he wins legitimately. No way this country would stand for it twice!