Silk Summary:

“Kamala Harris says US must ‘reduce population’ to fight climate change in latest gaffe”
Ahhh… so she goes to the WEF, Bill Gates, CCP, school of thought! Reduce the world population by at least 15%, so there are enough resources for those with copious amounts of money, never having to worry about food, supplies, to power their lives.
Gee…what a bunch of sweeties. SO thoughtful!
I suppose, we are to ignore the hypocrisy of their lives. Flying on private jets, sometimes one person on a jet, yachts that defy the normal terms of a pleasure boat. Look at Bezos new toy. $500 million SUPER yacht, with its own $250 million baby yacht, helipad, and so much more. Guess we should ignore all the pollution it generates?
When these folks learn to adopt another policy which doesn’t reak of communism “do as I say, not as I do”, then maybe we can get back to what this country has always been. A fair society, whereby, we live our own lives with the interference of government kept at a minimum and those who have committed treason are punished!